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Luxury & Iconic Trains

Discover Luxury and Iconic Train Holidays

Be transported to a different time and place on a luxury and iconic train vacation with Railbookers! From panoramic views of the Swiss Alps to the gleaming navy blue and gold carriages of Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer, luxury rail offers a travel experience like no other, with opulent accommodations, fine dining, and exemplary service. Let Railbookers help you plan an unforgettable rail journey on one of the most famous trains in the world.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

The very definition of an iconic and luxury train journey, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express transports riders back to the golden age of travel in grand style, with opulent interiors, fine dining and personalized service.

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Bernina Express

Escape into stunning alpine views onboard the Bernina Express, considered one of the most scenic train journeys in the world. Sit back in the comfortable panoramic cars and let the best of the Swiss Alps surround you.

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Glacier Express

See the best of the Swiss Alps from the elegant, panoramic carriages of the famous Glacier Express. One of the most beautiful railway lines in the world, the Glacier Express is your window to the Alps, offering eight hours of iconic alpine scenery outside and fine dining in sophisticated comfort onboard.

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Rocky Mountaineer

Experience the standard for luxury rail with a journey through the Canadian Rockies aboard the famed carriages of the Rocky Mountaineer. This breathtaking journey, complete with hotel accommodations, fine dining and impeccable service, is one to check off the bucket list.

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Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian

Take the train journey of a lifetime across Russia’s Trans-Siberian railway onboard the luxurious Golden Eagle. From the well-appointed cabins to the gourmet dining and elegant surroundings, no detail is spared to ensure an unforgettable rail experience.

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The Blue Train

Travel aboard South Africa’s Blue Train, which offers a two-night luxurious, breathtaking journey between Cape Town and Pretoria. Experience the beautiful countryside and take in panoramic vistas while relaxing in five-star accommodations.

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Belmond Royal Scotsman

Experience the heart of the Scottish Highlands on an indulgent journey aboard the Belmond Royal Scotsman, as you glide through iconic landscapes of pine-clad mountains reflected in mirror-still lochs.

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Eastern & Oriental Express

The wonders of the Far East come alive on this exotic train journey between Bangkok and Singapore. Luxurious accommodations, personalized service and 5-star cuisine onboard, along with immersive stops along the legendary route, combine for a truly transformative rail experience.

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