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Onboard the Train

Explore the Exciting Realities of Life on a Holiday by Rail

When traveling by train, whether in the UK, Europe, North America, or beyond, every train you travel on might be different – and that’s all part of the fun! Every experience will be different, but here’s what you can expect onboard the train.


On Eurostar and other high-speed trains in Europe, you’ll have an assigned seat. Settle into your home for the journey – and of course, feel free to get up and walk around! Seats in standard class are generally designated in rows of two, sometimes around tables for four. There will also be large picture windows, perfect for admiring the changing scenery and watching the world go by as you relax. On some regional trains, such as those in the USA, or trains with open tickets, such as those in Switzerland, it is not possible to reserve seats in advance. You’ll be able to sit anywhere you like when you board.


Our Travel Consultants will always attempt to obtain your preferred seating aboard services. However, all seating is subject to availability and it may not always be possible to fulfill your seating preferences. You may also be able to change your seating once you are aboard the train if you speak with the train manager.


On most trains in Europe, North America, and beyond, you’ll be able to purchase drinks and snacks onboard the train in a designated bar car of café. In many cases, there will also be a restaurant car where you can relax and tuck into fantastic regional cuisine as you soak up the scenery.

You could tuck into schnitzel and parsley potatoes on board the train to Vienna in Austria, flat iron steak and a baked potato as you roll across the USA or sausage soup en route to Poland. You’ll often be able to wash your meal down with a glass of local beer or wine, too.