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Discover Railbookers Holiday Types

All aboard the train for your next holiday! Select the type of holiday you’re looking for below, from exciting multi-city escapes to epic cross-continent adventures – and let Railbookers expertly recommend journeys for you. Or be inspired by our carefully chosen Holiday Spotlight selections, picked to highlight our customers’ favourite adventures and our most spectacular destinations.

What type of holiday are you looking for?

Pre and Post River Cruise

Are you looking to explore beyond the experience of your river cruise? Perhaps spend a few days travelling to additional destinations beyond your ports of call? Our excellent selection of pre and post river cruise rail holidays allow you to explore further, discovering exciting locations such as the soaring peaks of the Swiss Alps, the historic cities of Central Europe such as Prague or Munich, the charms of Paris, and more! Our consultants can help find the journey that is a perfect complement to your river cruise experience.

Sleeper Trains

Exploring the world by sleeper train is one of the most romantic and time efficient ways of travelling. As morning breaks you'll arrive into your destination refreshed and ready to explore your new surroundings.

VIA Rail

Imagine an adventure that begins the moment you board the train. Glide past gentle prairie fields, rugged lake country and picturesque towns to the snowy peaks of the majestic Rockies. Whether from the comfort of your cabin or from the scenic dome car, you'll see why VIA Rail is called Canada's best window.

Belmond Royal Scotsman

Experience the heart of the Highlands on a journey aboard the Belmond Royal Scotsman, where you travel through landscapes of pine-clad mountains, reflected in mirror-still lochs. Life on board is relaxed yet indulgent. Dine on world-class cuisine, rich with Scottish specialities, and embark on thrilling excursions each day, this is top choice for those exploring Scotland in style.

Via the Alps

Ride the rails through the breathtaking scenery of the Alps on these stunning rail adventures!

Scenic Journeys

From mountain passes to tracks along the sparkling coastline, take an adventure where the journey is a holiday highlight!

Classic Journeys

Take a Classic Journey on one of the world's premier train services. Experience the glamour of the Venice Simplon-Orient Express or the drama of the Alps on the Bernina Express. This will be a journey to remember!

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Luxury rail travel is synonymous with glamour, sophistication, impeccable service and iconic journeys. Experience pure comfort, opulent interiors, fine dining and convivial company along the tracks as you relive the 'golden age of rail travel'!

Lakes and Mountains

One of the greatest pleasures of travelling by train is witnessing the amazing scenery en route. Enjoy one of these journeys and relax by picturesque Lake Como, or thrill to the Alpine scenery through the Gotthard Pass.